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OCEANIC Shipping Agency


Oceanic SAS. began activities back in February 1998, upon the unification under one name of various existing agencies. Former agents acted as General Agents for carriers such as APL, Crowley and Sea Land.

As from the beginning of its activities, OCEANICA represents DOLE FRESH FRUIT & DOLE OCEAN CARGO, with weekly service from Colombia to the USEC.

OCEANIC has been also appointed as General Agent for COSCO CONTAINER LINE (Shanghai), serving China to the Colombian ports of Cartagena, Buenaventura and Barranquilla.

Today we also represent EUKOR CAR CARRIERS INC, as General Agents in Colombia. Our relationship with Hyundai goes back to over 15 years.


Today OCEANIC acts equally in the attention of passenger ships calling at the terminals of Cartagena and Santa Marta as well as more exotic destinations like San Andres and Providencia, gorgona, Utria and Bahia Solano.

OCEANIC SAS is one of the few existing independent agencies In Colombia. Our transparent way to do business served to be appointed to attend the calls of various Navy and Coast Guard vessels from foreign countries, such as USA, United Kingdom, Japan, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile.